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27, Dhamar Yone St., Near Moe Kaung Rd., Kan Be`, Ward (13),, Yankin Township, Yangon , Myanmar
Age Range
3 - 16
Major Courses
( Age Range : 13-17 yrs )
Lower Secondary [English/Maths/Science/History/Geography/Computer/Physical/Education/English Language/Myanmar/Leader in Me Me/Accounting/Chemistry/Business Studies/Biology]
3880000.00 MMK

English/Maths/Science/Social/Studies/Health Education/Computer/Art and Crafts/Physical Education/Myanmar/E.C/English Language/Music/Learder in me
2800000.00 MMK

( Age Range : 5-7 yrs )
English/Maths/Science/Computer/Art & Craft/Physical Education/Myanmar/English/Chinese/English Language/Music/IPC [International Preschool Curriculum]
2780000.00 MMK

( Age Range : 3-5 yrs )
English/Maths/Science/Social Studies/Health Education/Computer/Art & Craft/Physical Education/Myanmar/English/Chinese/EL [English Language]/Music/Leader in Me
2960000.00 MMK

Day Care/Nursery
English/Maths/Tracing/Listening/Story/Movie/Activity Time/Nap Time/English Language/Music/International Preschool Curiculum
2660000.00 MMK

Upper Secondary [English/Maths/Computer/Story/Additional Maths/Accounting Physical/ICT/Chemistry/Business Studies/Biology]
3880000.00 MMK

About School
Strive To Succeed For Better Education
The Nelson International Education Centre is an independent private school located in Yangon, Myanmar. The school began operation in June 2008. We provide schooling from Nursery-1 to IGCSE, following CIE (Cambridge International Examination). Located in excellent neighbourhood, our school's large mansion with spacious classrooms maximizes students' learning capacity and the large compound facilitates children to engage in outdoor games for their physical health.
NIEC is a private international school with rich and diverse community, offering inspiring and well-rounded international education to students from Preschool levels to IGCSE levels since 2008,A key goal shared by NIEC stakeholders is to provide “better education”, prioritizing excellent in academic and personality.nOur Vision: To seek and foster the development of the whole childnTo achieve in nurturing the academic, physical, artistic, emotional and social needs of each studentnTo provide our students with every opportunity to reach their full potentials.nMission: An inviting centre dedicated to bringing out the best in every individualnTo be a centre of educational excellence whose students consistently exceed expectationsnCore Values: RespectnResponsibilitynSelf-disciplinenIntegritynPridenMotto: Strive to succeednAdministrative staff: They provide essential back-up service for the school. Their duties revolve around managing and circulating information internally or with the respective stakeholders. This generally includes answering the calls from the current as well as the prospective customers, keeping the files of the staff, students and the operational files, dispatching incoming and outgoing correspondences, handling the enquiries for the new courses. They also provide administrative support to an academic team of teachers in addition to coordinating examinations and assessment processes.nAcademic Staff: Our NIEC teachers are real founts of experience, knowledge and dedication. They use creative, interactive and engaging teaching methods to encourage their students to actively participate in classroom activities and develop their language, cognitive, numerical and reasoning skills. They take full responsibilities to prepare lesson plans, educate students in a fun and engaging manner, mark students’ work and provide them with necessary feedback, encouragement and support. They pay attention to each and every individual’s weakness, progress and evaluate their learning abilities by setting assignments, periodic tests and homework. They keep their skills fresh and update new teaching methods and developments in the curriculum.Our teachers answer their questions, listen to their problems and teach them about new phases of their lives. They not only watch their students grow, they help them grow.nnPreschool teachers: are responsible for teaching children, usually up to the age of 5/6, about things related to intellectual, physical and social growth. They help their students to interact with teachers and fellow students while learning lessons to get them ready for primary and secondary levels. They provide a number of general responsibilities in their daily teaching job by providing a wonderful learning environment for the children, teaching them how to interact with others, helping them with their daily needs, teaching them to be creative and providing them with a safe and caring environment to learn and grow.
School Policy
Placement Test/Recommendation from Previous School/Photos (2)/Statement of Marks/Uniform & Excursion Fee
Detail Information
Daw Htay Thida Oo
Established Year
British    British    British    British   
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Other Languages
Native Teacher
Local Teacher
No. of Students
Avg Students per Class
Recreation Trip
Awarding Ceremony
Brands / Services
For Better Educations
School Bus Available
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Young Learners English
NIEC follows a Cambridge International Examination(CIE) Curriculum, UK.
The language of instruction is English.
Business Category
English [Language]
Computer Training [Computing & IT]
International Universities & Colleges [General Education]
Pre-Schools (International) [General Education]



Open at 09:00
Sunday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Monday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


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