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Getting to know our company
Cherry Treehouse International School was established since 2016 under the name of YAEC (Yangon Art and English Center) but now legally named upon. Our school curriculum are based Oxford Universiy, Camabridge University and all the teaching are based on American Teaching methods.
Cherry Treehouse International School follows all Cherry Treehouse International School policies. The informational contained in this handbook applies only to the preschool program and is meant to help families be more aware of how the classroom is sun and to have their child be prepared to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Please contact Teacher Cherry for any questions or concerns pertaining to the Preschool Program.

Business Categories

  • English [Language]
  • Language Schools [Language]
  • Art & Craft [General Interest]

Brands / Services

  • International Preschool
  • Summer Young Learner(English)
  • Weekend Young Learner Class
  • Cambridge YLE Exam Courses
  • English 4 Skill Classes
  • Art & Craft Classes

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